Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods


Safety and Performance

From the slopes to the playing field, to the workout room, INOAC is with you.

INOAC foam products are ideal to keep those goggles comfortable and your face warm. Working with major brands in the ski industry, we continuously refine our products to support skiing and other industries.

If it has wheels our rubber and plastic materials are sure to be found. INOAC started as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and has been a innovation leader in the industry since. Our experience in biking has led us to extend out product reach to providing plastics and composites that assure strength, integrity and safety both on the playing field and in recreational settings.


Compound materials are used to strengthen products and protect athletes.

Foam products provide a strong seal and warmth to skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Rubber/elastomer and advanced materials help make products lighter and stronger.





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