Medical Foams

Medical Foams

Ideal for Medical Tasks

Reticulated and specialty polyurethane foams provide excellent tensile and elongation properties for medical needs. The tailored micro-cellular matrix of the foam is an ideal controlled delivery structure for a wide range of active agents.  Their tear resistance allows them to be fabricated into almost any configuration by shaping, stitching, cementing, and other techniques.

Medical foam is a thin membrane of polyurethane encapsulating a network of open cells. Reticulation, a proprietary process that uses heat and pressure, removes the membranes for a completely open-pore foam with a skeletal structure through which fluids and gasses easily pass. The foam can be made with pore sizes ranging from 4 to 100 pores/in., void volumes of up to 98%, and surface areas up to 2,000 ft2/ft3. Pore size can be precisely governed for permeability control and design flexibility, as well as an aesthetic appearance when needed.

Whether it be for fluid, pressure, particulate, or vibrational management, INOAC can make the foam materials and products to meet the performance and functional requirements of the most stringent applications.  Challenge us with your needs and let us make your ideas become real.

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Medical foams may be manipulated to tailor functional properties.

May be coated to break bubbles in blood caused by oxygenation.

Compressed reticulated-foam felt has smaller pore sizes for finer filtration.

Reticulated foams are used to protect surgical instruments.

The foam can be impregnated with a variety of active agents – Tailored Release.

Reticulated and non-reticulated foams are used as hand-scrub sponges by surgeons. (with and without soap and/or antimicrobial agents)*


* Crest Foam Industries, Inc., has developed the “AG” series of foam products infused with certain EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial additives. These antimicrobial agents are incorporated within the foam polymer as a protective material to inhibit the growth of specific molds, mildews, and bacteria on the foam product itself. (For specific performance details of the “AG” series foams, please refer to the Crest Foam Industries, Inc., Technical Bulletin.)

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