Material Expertise

INOAC combines our expertise in polymer chemistry with years of experience to produce materials for a range of industries.

Since our start as a producer of bicycle tires and tubes, INOAC has continued to be at the forefront of the development and advancement of an array of products and materials. A global pioneer in the technology and production of polyurethane foam, and a trusted source of explosion suppressant reticulated foam, INOAC has led the way with product breakthroughs.

We are a sought after OEM supplier to the automotive industry, a producer of state-of-the–art PET packaging for the cosmetic industry, and a research and manufacturing partner that provides materials for the medical industry.

Throughout these efforts, one constant has stayed with us: a commitment to combining innovative thinking with research to assure relevant and meaningful advances that expand our portfolio of materials and respond to client and market needs.

  • Automotive
    Instrument panels, door systems, seats and cushioning, spoilers and molding
  • Building Materials
    Polyethylene pipe, hot and cold insulation piping material, air conditioning related components.
  • Consumer Goods
    Ink cartridges, padding for electronics, PET bottles for the cosmetics industry, make-up applicators.
  • Household Products
    Sponges, cushioning for furniture, cool packs, sealing for refrigeration and windows.
  • Sporting Goods
    Bicycle tires, rollerblade components, exercise mats, protective equipment, padding for ski goggles.
  • Emerging Markets
    Wound care products and other medical products, foams for waste treatment and biofiltration.
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