Product knowledge is critical. Combining that acumen with experience across industries is invaluable.

INOAC’s initial foundation is in bicycle tires.  We migrated into automotive as an original OEM supplier for the auto industry. Because of our work in automotive, our engineers and associates now work closely with partners to improve the interior, exterior and overall operations of cars, trucks and airplanes.  From transportation we have expanded into an array of industries where today we touch consumers’ lives at home, work, and where they play.

INOAC – Where Ideas Become Real


  • Technical Foams
    Technically advanced polyurethane and polyethylene foams, rubber sponge and specialty foams.
  • Crest Foam
    Reticulated and non reticulated polyurethane and polyether foams.
  • Plastics
    Automobile and motorcycle components, such as door systems, spoilers and molding.
  • Rubber/Elastomers
    Bicycles and wheelchair tires, car components, emerging rubber/ elastomer products.
  • PET Packaging
    PET bottles and jars for cosmetics and other industries.
  • New Materials
    Foams for the medical industry, corks for wine bottles, composites for automotive and sporting goods.
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