Global Reach

INOAC is a global corporation that is continuously innovating with the times and changing world markets. Through the development of new technologies, processes and materials, INOAC expands our business throughout the world through internal growth and the formation of joint ventures. INOAC has grown since it founding to now touch every corner of the globe and partner with companies across countless industries.


  • Technical Foams
    Technically advanced polyurethane and polyethylene foams, rubber sponge and specialty foams.
  • Crest Foam
    Reticulated and non reticulated polyurethane and polyether foams.
  • Plastics
    Automobile and motorcycle components, such as door systems, spoilers and molding.
  • Rubber/Elastomers
    Bicycles and wheelchair tires, car components, emerging rubber/ elastomer products.
  • PET Packaging
    PET bottles and jars for cosmetics and other industries.
  • New Materials
    Foams for the medical industry, corks for wine bottles, composites for automotive and sporting goods.
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