Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment


INOAC aims at realizing the harmonious coexistence
of human beings and nature.

INOAC is committed to environment-friendly businesses in many ways, such as promoting efficient use of resources, inventing environment-friendly technologies and developing products in consideration of the natural environment.

On the basis of our corporate environmental philosophy, INOAC has established basic environmental policies as guidelines for corporate operations, so as to contribute to the resolution of environmental issues, which continue to grow as social problems.

Environmental Philosophy

INOAC respects the environment and contributes to the realization of a better, more comfortable society, through environmentally-compatible technologies and environmentally-friendly corporate activities.

Environmental Policy

1. INOAC promotes an environmental management system and give the employees and gives employees sufficient education to understand the importance of environmental safeguards.

2. To realize a low-carbon society for the purpose of stopping the global warming, INOAC advances its plan to reduce CO2 emissions.

3. INOAC complies with environmental laws and regulations and evaluates its compliance, thereby contributing to environmental conservation as a corporate citizen.

4. INOAC develops and sells products that lessen the environmental burden in order to realize an environmentally-friendly market.

5. INOAC advances initiatives to preserve the natural balance of the earth through programs such as resource saving and wastes reduction.

6. As a corporate citizen, INOAC contributes to our society through participation in environmental conservation activities in the regions where we operate.

7. INOAC regularly performs environmental audits to maintain and improve environmental conservation and to strive for continued improvement.

INOAC’s 5Rs for Ecology

Based on its 5Rs for Ecology, the INOAC Group intends to develop products and technologies in consideration of our Mother Earth. In addition, INOAC proactively commits itself to environmental conservation in its plants and offices.

INOAC’s environment conservation activities include the development of lightweight automotive components, reduction in the use of solvents and coating materials, development of products that do not contain dioxin-producing polyvinyl chloride, improvement of disassembly efficiency through the development of components produced entirely from a single material, development of CFC-free polyurethane and adoption of Japan’s first environment-friendly soft-urethane-foam-manufacturing system, called the Yana Ecology System (YES system).



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