Crest Foam

For over three decades Crest Foam has been used to provide customers innovative polyurethane and polyether reticulated foam solutions. Reticulation is a proprietary process that uses heat and pressure to remove the membranes for a completely open-pore foam with a skeletal structure through which fluids and gasses easily pass.

Crest reticulated foam materials are unique and extraordinarily versatile; they can be fabricated (or combined with other materials) into virtually any configuration for use in thousands of different products and applications.

You’ll find Crest Foam materials on, in, or around all kinds of products serving consumers, business, industry, health care, research, and armed forces around the world. From microphone covers to air filters, from ink rollers to fuel tanks, swabs to scrubbers, Crest Foam allows your ideas to become real.

  • Automotive
    Instrument panels, door systems, seats and cushioning, spoilers and molding
  • Building Materials
    Polyethylene pipe, hot and cold insulation piping material, air conditioning related components.
  • Consumer Goods
    Ink cartridges, padding for electronics, PET bottles for the cosmetics industry, make-up applicators.
  • Household Products
    Sponges, cushioning for furniture, cool packs, sealing for refrigeration and windows.
  • Sporting Goods
    Bicycle tires, rollerblade components, exercise mats, protective equipment, padding for ski goggles.
  • Emerging Markets
    Wound care products and other medical products, foams for waste treatment and biofiltration.
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