Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Creating a Forest


Rather than raising a single tree, INOAC intends to create a beautiful forest comprised of many trees of varying characters.

While INOAC’s foundation is in polyurethane, rather than specializing in a single business, INOAC has added other materials such as rubber, plastics and compound materials. As if we were creating a new forest with seedlings, we have nurtured many new businesses (trees) by developing and manufacturing products from these materials.

Today we have grown into a global company, supplying diverse products and services to an array of industries.

To create the various products that the marketplace expects and demands, research and technology must be applied to our materials.

INOAC believes that such a system is very much like the flow of the forest’s ecosystem; learning the market needs, stretching out the ideal branches, and developing new products in a continuous flow of growth. INOAC’s aim is to become a global organization of vibrant energy and unique ideas, making prompt, agile decisions and actions. We have established its Rules of Conduct so as to realize its corporate philosophy by ensuring that all its employees behave honestly both on and off duty, thereby making INOAC a brand trusted by local communities, society, customers and all concerned.

Rules of Conduct

Challenge — Think resourcefully and take action without fear of failure

Customer satisfaction — Act to improve customer satisfaction

Honesty and trust — Be reliable and avoid lies or falsifications

Profits — Act to expand business continuously and realize profitable growth

Teamwork — Present ideas frankly and act reliably

Responsibility — Carry out each duty with responsibility

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