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Building Materials

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About half a century has passed since INOAC entered the piping material business in 1960. Since then, INOAC has continued to develop products and present creative ideas for the building market. We supply many product lines that provide labor-saving installation, excellent energy efficiency and durability.

Products include:

Piping for water supply, hot-water supply and warm-water room heating – INOAC supplies energy-efficient, easy-to-install products, including cross-linked polyethylene pipes that feature heat resistance and long durability.
Polyethylene pipes – Polyethylene pipes with many advantages, such as low-temperature resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance.These pipes can be used for many applications, such as for household water supply systems, small water supply systems and water heaters, as well as for industrial applications such as civil engineering, agriculture and manufacturing.
Hot and cold-insulation piping materials
INOAC supplies environmentally friendly products that are designed to enable easy installation, while providing them with heat and thermal insulation characteristics of such materials as rigid urethane foam, isocyanurate foam, polyethylene foam and EPDM foam.
Warm-water room-heating and snowmelting system – INOAC supplies environment-friendly, easy-to-install system products and cross-linked polyethylene pipes that feature excellent long-term heat resistance and durability.
Air conditioning related components
AC supplies many value-added products, including insulated copper pipes for air conditioning, easy-to-install fire protection vents, and cosmetic cases for air-conditioner pipelaying use designed in consideration of appearance and extended product service life.



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